Dylan Hassinger

Fullstack Design Engineer

Dylan Hassinger


Hello, I'm Dylan Hassinger — a creative technologist from St. Louis, Missouri who is passionate about user experience, new advancements in web development, and leveraging the internet to impact people's lives.

I am currently seeking a new opportunity to serve as fullstack engineer, technical architect or team leader. I am open to remote opportunities or in-office roles in St. Louis, Missouri.

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I began my career as a frontend developer and WordPress specialist, but over the years I've become a versatile product engineer, aspiring system architect, and dedicated JavaScript enthusiast. I can jump around the web stack, feeling equally comforable tweaking responsive design details in the frontend, refactoring an API on the backend, or writing scripts for the command line.

I seek to be a minimal technologist that delivers results in a lightweight and efficient way. I believe in developing complex systems with an iterative approach, guided by automated testing, continuous delivery, and the principles of agile development. My biggest influences have been 37signals' "Getting Real" philosophy, the timeless writings of Fred Brooks, and the handcrafted techniques of Dan Cederholm.

My favorite web stack is JavaScript E6-powered Node.js on the backend, Vue.js as a frontend framework, and Tailwind CSS to manage the design system. I am eager to dig into Web Components, GraphQL and Serverless technologies, and I always keep my eye on emerging trends.

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